September 2020

Authentic Investor has closed down. This site has been left here for interest and information only.


How to spot an authentic leadera five-minute read on what Authentic Investor is all about.

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Who is this website for?

This website is for anyone who works in investment or finance who cares about sustainability and wants to align finance with the needs of society: asset owners (pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, endowments); investment managers (institutional or retail, in any asset class); banking; or any of the many other branches of financial services.

Our purpose

People who work in investment and finance care about the state of the world and the future. But our jobs can make us forget. Authentic Investor's purpose is to enable people to remember what they care about most, and to support them to find new ways to take action on that, in their working lives and beyond.

We want to make values permissible and visible in investment and finance; to enable people to align their purpose and values with their work; to change the culture of finance.

We believe this will be better for people, better for the environment and better for finance.

What do we do?


We hold retreats that enable people in finance and investment to explore how they can give greater expression to their values in their work – and as a result make finance more sustainable.

​Find out about our retreats here.

We also run training workshops in 'soft skills' for sustainability; provide consultancy in organisational purpose, culture and values; and write, speak, blog and tweet about the importance of values in finance. 

Why is this needed?

We have built an economy and an investment system that separate ‘values’ from ‘value’. They give insufficient financial value to many of the things that as individuals we value the most: a healthy environment, social justice, fairness.

​The financial industry all too often treats personal values as taboo. Leave them at home in the morning. Don't talk about them in the office. That's not what proper investors and finance people do.

​Denying our deepest personal values cuts us off from an important part of ourselves – perhaps the best part of ourselves. To address the most pressing challenges of our times - climate change, inequality, reconnecting the financial system with the real economy - we need to harness our whole selves, not just part of ourselves.

​Acknowledging personal values does not mean forgetting professionalism. It does not mean ignoring financial returns or fiduciary duty. Values are part of who we are; part of the context within which we bring our professional skills to bear. They bring more options and possibilities into view. They stimulate creativity and innovation. They prompt the reflection, ‘Perhaps there is a different path to this destination’. And perhaps it is a better path.

​It’s time to wake up to what really drives change in people, organisations and systems. Of course we need a ‘business case’ and ‘better numbers’. But at bottom it’s about mindsets – about values, vision, heart, soul, spirit. Right brain, not just left brain. Personal authenticity, courage, purpose and leadership; the energy that comes from aligning our inner and outer worlds more fully.

Authentic Investor’s mission is to unlock this potential.