Authentic Investor grew out of a series of conversations in the course of 2016 about the role of personal values in work in the investment industry. These showed that people in various roles and at various levels - not just those in specialist 'responsible investment' or 'ESG' jobs - experience challenges in aligning their professional lives with their personal values.


Many people, from millennials to senior leaders, want to make a contribution to tackling environmental and social challenges, and to enabling finance to serve the needs of society more effectively. They know that the investment industry needs to regain society's trust, to cultivate and demonstrate an ethic of professionalism and service. Yet they feel frustrated by the culture of investment and finance, which does not speak the language of values. 

Workshops in London and New York explored these challenges and pointed the way towards Authentic Investor. You can read the notes of these meetings here (London) and here (New York).