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How to spot an authentic leader - a summary of what Authentic Investor is all about

To thrive in the future, the investment industry needs to overcome its fear of ‘making the world a better place’. It needs to demonstrate – to its clients, its employees and the society around it – that it is an industry that cares. It needs to put morals and values at the heart of what it does. To do

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this, it needs leaders with authenticity. And to develop and support these leaders it needs to cultivate more opportunities for people to step back, look inside themselves and find the inspiration to do what they know is right. To read the full article, click on the image.

Millennial Voices - stories from the heart of the investment industry

Six short articles by millennials in the investment industry in four countries, writing with passion and sometimes pain about their struggles to align their sense of purpose with the culture and values of their organisations; the compromises they feel they have to make; and their views on the changes the industry needs to make. With comments by senior industry figures. Click the image to open the document.

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'Value us, listen to us, empower us, support us, treat us like individuals whose values are respected.' This is the simple summary of the discussion at a workshop we hle dto discuss Millennial Voices. Read more here.

More about the thinking behind Authentic Investor

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People who care: the real inside story of ESG


Here's a short article on our first Values at Work evening, held in July 2018.

And here are some true stories of how people have used 'quiet questions' to enable colleagues to say what they really think about controversial issues, achieving decisions that were more aligned with ethics and sustainability.